Advanced Writing with English in Use CAE

This book can be a supplement to Advanced Master class for those students who require further help in Papers 2 and 3 of the CAE exam or a general writing course at advanced level. 
The course offers a comprehensive study of writing techniques and full training for the CAE exam. There is an innovative combination of English in Use and Writing work: grammar is studied as a route to better writing, enabling students to greatly improve their writing style. Authentic, humorous material helps to make the course enjoyable and interesting. 
Students are offered a meaningful programme of writing development. 

The book is organized into three parts: 
- writing sub-skills (cohesive devices, punctuation, and register);
- types of writing (descriptions, narratives, opinions); 
- and exam type tasks (letters, reports, articles and leaflets). 
A Task Bank includes practice activities, model compositions, and detailed information about the format and marking criteria of both papers. 
A full answer key is provided. 

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