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WAYS TO SAY "VERY HOT" (hot can also mean sexy)

Hello ladies and gentlemen. The weather is lovely and warm, finally, and here's what we Brits say 👇😎🇬🇧 

It is .... outside (very hot: most of these are rather informal in use and are used to really exaggerate... as we Brits do) 
- baking 
- boiling 
- roasting 
- sweltering 
- scorching ( a scorcher) 
- sizzling (like when frying hot food) 

- I spent the day under the umbrella because it was baking and i needed to protect my sensitive bald head. 👴 
- I sat all day under the scorching sun... hence why i now look like a dried grape. 

- The weather forecast says tomorrow will be an absolute scorcher. So it's bikini time!!! - Yeah, I heard it's going to be sweltering tomorrow, blin! 

Collocations: ☀☀☀ 
- Blisteringly hot 
- Scorching hot (compound adj) 
- under the blazing sun (very hot and bright sun) 
- Under the sizzling sun 

We have these words (adjectives): 
- humid (when the weather is hot with water vapour in the air: the standard word) 

- sticky (when it's a very humid day - like today in Moscow) 
- sultry (hot and humid) 
- muggy (unpleasantly hot and humid; semi-formal)