Read Reflect Respond: Comprehension Skill-Boosters (Books A to D)

This series is especially designed to quickly improve your students' ability to understand and retain what they read. The A to D organization of the worktexts provides progressively challenging activities ranging from simple recall to evaluations requiring higher-older thinking skills.

Skills presented are cumulatively reinforced; each worktext reintroduces and builds on skills taught earlier. Equally appropriate as a refresher course for on-level students or as primary instruction for struggling students. Features include: 28 dynamic lessons in every workbook.

End-of-book tests provide easy progress assessment. Intriguing reading selection appeal to students of all ages. Confidence-building, two-page format.

Challenging variety of response modes includes those found on standardized tests. Consistent review and reinforcement of fundamental comprehension skills. Critical thinking as a key component of "reading for meaning".
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