Essentials for Successful English Language Teaching

Education is meant to open magical doors to students, offer exciting, fulfilling
careers for teachers, and help create a world in which people work together for
the common good. The possibilities are great. Students have so much to learn
and so many ways to learn it. Similarly, we teachers have so much to learn
about what we teach and the fascinatingly complex paths to facilitating student
learning. Essentials for Successful English Language Teaching is about how
we teach second language (mostly English as a Second Language (ESL) and
English as a Foreign Language (EFL)) and how our second language students
learn. “There’s nothing as practical as a good theory” (Kurt Lewin, 1951, p. 169)
probably best sums up how we arranged the contents of this book (see also
Chapter 10) as we think it is a practical approach to teaching second language
yet, all the activities are backed up solidly with clearly explained theories about
where they came from.

Essentials for Successful English Language Teaching is about helping
second language teachers maintain and rediscover the reasons that led them to
take up teaching, reasons such as sharing their love of learning, making the
world a better place, and working together with students and colleagues toward
common goals. We strongly believe that the ideas in this book can create excite-
ment, joy, and satisfaction among second language teachers and their students.
What we maintain is that the ideas we’ve gathered and attempt to illuminate in
this book bring with them the hope of many days in which an inner smile tells
us teachers that, yes, we made the right choice when we chose this profession.
Essentials for Successful English Language Teaching takes a ‘big picture’
view of second language learning and teaching. The eight essentials presented
in this book are interwoven with each other, so that they are best implemented
as a whole, rather than one at a time. Each supports the other; each is best
understood as a big picture, rather than as individual puzzle pieces. 

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