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Despite sexting, nudes and wild tales of a hook-up experience through Tinder, Snapchat and Fb Messenger, it shows young people's sex lives have been hugely overstated. 

In reality, the generation born between 1990 and 2000 is hardly getting laid. 

College halls and shared flats once filled in with the sound of sex and drinking party', now buzz only with the pings of Pokemon Go. 

A study has found more young people, aged 20- 24, are still virgins than any generation since those born in the 1920s. 

A generation who have developed more apps to assist them with hook up than their parents had sexual positions have somehow lost their sex-drive. 

That after decades of struggle for sexual freedom. For an end to whore-shaming, an open-mindedness on sexual fluidity, and rights to buy contraceptive without being judged - all young people are doing with their hard-won liberty is binge-watching series on Netflix. 

Don't these 22 years old apprehend this is the fittest they'll ever look? 

Before they get screwed up by a partner, bills, a job and children. 
After all, what are your twenties for if not for sleeping with your best friend - and their ex? 

What is being 22 if is not waking up in a bed you don't acknowledge? Then being in a shared kitchen making uncomfortable small talk with the flatmates or someone whose name you don't even remember. 

It is tragic to think our generation will grow up never grasping the enjoyment of the Walk of Shame. Or what it's like seeking to somewhere you can still purchase condoms at 4 am. 

It is sad to think that while baby boomers experienced sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, our generation make do with social media, healthy eating and false images of body standards. 

It looks too obvious to accuse this generation's bed death on technology. 
To imply they have lost their sexual mojo to Snapchat and WhatsApp. 
Or that they waste so long swiping on Tinder that they never really make it out on a date- let alone get the opportunity to ask someone back for coffee. 

But there must be more to it than that. 
Now youngsters embrace being boring. The kind of kids who would rather spend Friday nights posting pictures of their new creeps on Instagram. 

In part, possibly, the reason is that our generation who have to work so hard to achieve what we got, that we've neglected how to have fun. 

After all, just going to uni in Britain leaves us with 30k in debt, we spend the entire summer grafting rather than pursuing free love. 

Our rents and bills are so huge, we're forced to move back with parents - a mood killer if there ever was one. 

Essentially though I think the cliche is correct, it is the parents who are to blame. 

We didn't invent the sexual revolution by ourselves. An older generation harassed us into, by screaming about pornofication, sexting and panicking about pornography, while overlooking the facts. 

We are sensible- and you can't get an STD by text. Right? 

But now the signs are in. 
So if we ever want grandchildren, the older folks have got to stop controlling young peoples' sex lives, get out of our bedrooms and let us crack on with it.

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