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PISS - urine, I know, wee or pee are other terms for it. 
TAKING A PISS or HAVING A PISS - nature calls, a process of doing it. 
•Hold on mate, let me HAVE A PISS before we leave. 
PISSED - being drunk 
•Seriously, you were so PISSED last night, you texted me and asked me to pick you up and texted me back saying that you made it home after I picked you up. You are a PISSHEAD. 
PISSED OFF -being angry or annoyed at something or somebody. 
• I'm so PISSED OFF, I just found out that my girlfriend slept with my mate and on top of that my car wouldn't start this morning. Really freaking annoyed. 
PISS UP- A drinking session with your mates. 
• That was a good PISS UP last night, we had a good laugh. 
ON THE PISS- being out and about drinking. 
• Meh, I've been ON THE PISS all weekend, I need to pull myself together. 
PISS OFF - basically f"ck off, leave me alone. 
• Dude PISS OFF, alright, you're really PISSING me OFF with your bollocks. 
PISS ABOUT/ AROUND - normally means stop wasting time doing useless stuff. 
• Come on hurry up, stop PISSING ABOUT, we will be late. 
PISS somebody ABOUT /AROUND- to treat someone badly by not doing what you have promised to do, or by not being honest with them 
• I wish he'd say yes or no - he's been PISSING me AROUND for weeks. 
PISSING IT DOWN- we use that when we are referring to the crappy weather. 
•I'm not walking the dog, it's PISSING IT DOWN with rain. 
Take the PISS OUT/ PISS TAKE means to take advantage, laugh at, treated like a fool. 
• You said you spent all money on food and I see a new dress and handbag. Are you TAKING the PISS? 

• Did you see that car? it costs over 200k, What a PISS TAKE. 
PISS YOURSELVES with - usually refers to when something is funny. 

•I PISSED MYSELF with laughter last night. 
PISS something AWAY - wasting something in a very stupid way. 
• I was earning quite a lot but I PISSED it all AWAY. 
PISS ALL OVER -defeat a person or a team 
•I PISSED ALL OVER you in that game of poker. 
A few idioms as well about the subject. 
Not having a pot to piss in - being extremely poor. 
•Are you seriously thinking of dating him? He hasn't got a pot to piss in. 
Piss in the wind - to waste time or effort trying to do something that is impossible. 
• Stop pissing in the wind mate, you won't get that girl, she's too pretty for you.
What a lovely phrasal verb!

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