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I have lost count of the number of times that I have been called a ‘Grammar Nazi’ just because I have corrected someone's grammar online for using ‘you’re’ instead of ‘your’ - there, their or using an apostrophe to make something plural. Apostrophes DO NOT have anything to do with plurals.

Well, you know what, that is fine, I am a Grammar Nazi if you want to put it that way. My passion for proper English is adjoining upon, but there is an immeasurable reason for it.
I only feel this way because I am passionate about the English language not becoming obsolete within the next ten years and developing into a mixture of emojis, grunting and bunny ears.

My English isn’t flawless – far from it. 

When dictionaries make rules about how the English language should be used, they don’t sit there and just scribble the term ‘anything goes’ on the paper – they make rules so that people can make each other understood. Following the basic rules of English is what separates us humans from cabbage.

The thing that really gets me is when you jump into online groups and forums and you see an utter clusterfuck like ‘Dose anyon no wat too giv kids for this rash and his feelin hot to.’

You are all sitting on Internet-connected gadgets, and this means that you all have means of material at your end to secure something where you don’t come across like someone has sliced your forehead open and vigorously head butted a piece of paper in the hope that the resulting document will make sense.

This draws me back to the Grammar Nazi thing, as often I will get a lot of stick for picking people up on apostrophe misconduct. ‘What dose it matter if I use apostrofes for more than one of sumthin,’ they often say.

Because it’s bloody incorrect, that’s why. It makes about as much sense as commencing a sentence with a question mark or finishing one with an exclamation mark because it ‘looks better’ than a full stop.

Some of them even try to ‘enough is ENUF!!!!111 Sick of forenas in ARE country. Build a wall or soemthing. Its discrace ’ What an absolutely fantastic level of patriotism you are showing there.

The real clincher is that they then start their Facebook bilge with ‘No judgey comments please.’

Tell you what, I will ignore your post about giving your newborn Fanta and just destroy your command of the English language apart instead.

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