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How Not To Grammar by Donald Trump: Times when the US President failed to S-P-E-L-L

President of the United States Donald Trump needs a new social media team to fix his English grammar boo-boos.

First Lady of the United States Melania Trump has often been trolled for her English but unlike her, her husband, US President Donald Trump speaks only the one language. In spite of that, he is not one who is known to be very graceful with the language. The US President recently took to Twitter to whine about his predecessor Barack Obama with a very original spelling for the word ‘tap’. And surprisingly, he hasn’t deleted the tweet as he has in the past with his previous grammatical mistakes.

Donald Trump is quite the troll target for Grammar Nazis. Some time back, he had accused China of “unpresidented” acts against the United States. He later deleted the tweet and posted a new one with the updated spelling.

Sometimes, even his corrected mistakes are not a 100% foolproof. It took him not one or two but three tries to spell this one, very convoluted and infrequently used word “hereby”

Let’s cut him some slack, alright? Sometimes English can get very complex, especially for a 70-year-old, senile man.

I guess it is a great “honer” for the United States to have such an educated, articulate and infallible man leading their country.
Just kidding. Good luck, America! You’re going to need it. And, Trump… Perhaps hire a new social media team.

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