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Hello my dear friends. We all love idioms but many are scared to use them. Why? Few know how to use them properly. That's where I come in 😎 Today's set of idioms deal with something being your fault 😁 And I'll do them as dialogues to give you context plus some other gems. 

👉🏻 PLAYING THE BLAME GAME (constantly blaming someone)

👉🏻 TAKE A LONG HARD LOOK IN THE MIRROR (look at yourself to see the problems)

- Everything in my life has gone wrong and it's all because of you!

- Oh here we go again, PLAYING THE BLAME GAME as usual. My darling, your blaming me is getting a bit repetitive. Maybe you should TAKE A LONG HARD LOOK IN THE MIRROR!


👉🏻 CARRY THE BLAME (bear responsibility)

- Everyone in the office is always POINTING THE FINGER AT me! We work in a team so the others should CARRY THE BLAME equally. 

- Yeah, I understand that but you really do make the most mistakes.

👉🏻 YOU ARE TO BLAME FOR (formal; it's your fault)

👉🏻THE BLAME LIES (solely) WITH YOU (your fault and nobody else)
- You're our economics analyst and made the wrong predictions. We're about to go bankrupt. Sorry, but YOU ARE (entirely) TO BLAME FOR this! It was your job to get it right!
- That's rubbish! You're my boss. I've only been working here for a week and you were supposed to guide me. So to be honest, THE BLAME LIES WITH YOU and not me! 

👉🏻 HOW IS IT MY FAULT? (used when surprised, shocked)

👉🏻 WHAT HAVE I DONE WRONG (this time)? (used in frustration: this time = you've been blamed many times before)

- Oh the dinner is burnt yet again! You distracted me!

- HOW on earth IS THAT MY FAULT? I wasn't even at home!
- But it's not just the dinner. There's something else...

- Oh here we go, WHAT HAVE I DONE WRONG THIS TIME? Did I forget to feed the cat? Did I not give you the right type of Milka chocolate? Would you like me to move the building a meter to the left to make you happy?

👉🏻 MAKE SOMEONE/BE THE SCAPEGOAT (bears the blame for others and to suffer in their place)

👉🏻 IN THE FIRING LINE (subject to blame because of their responsibilities)

👉🏻 TAKE THE FALL FOR SOMEONE (to incur blame in the place of another)

- I feel sorry for John because he's been MADE THE SCAPEGOAT. It should be his bosses IN THE FIRING LINE since they're the ones who make all the important decisions and they messed up. John never stands up for himself and thus became the target for this corporate disaster. 

- Yeah, he's always TAKING THE FALL for others because he lacks confidence and wants to constantly please others. It's awful!

👉🏻 A GOOD WORKMAN NEVER BLAMES HIS TOOLS (criticizing someone who makes excuses by blaming smth else rather than themselves)

❗ There are a few variants of this idiom

👉🏻 TAKE THE RAP FOR (informal; to take the blame for smth)

- I insist on not using English File for our courses. I can teach much more effectively using Outcomes. 

- Oh but A GOOD WORKMAN NEVER BLAMES HIS TOOLS. It shouldn't matter which book you use. As a teacher, it's what you do with the book that matters. 

- Do you want me to build a Ferrari using the latest robotic technology or to simply use a hammer and chisel? 

- This matter is not open for discussion. It's school policy. We're using English File. 

- Fair enough. I am not going TO TAKE THE RAP for when the school goes bankrupt then. I want to make that clear!

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