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The British capital, with its eye-catching bright red double-decker buses, its archaic customs such as the changing of the guard, and of course the crown jewels. 
It's official, London has been named the best city to visit in the entire world by TripAdvisor. Or is it? 

London isn't the best city in the UK, let alone the world. London doesn't represent Britain or the British people. 

For tourists, maybe. I also thought it was so amazing when I, for the first time, came for a weekend. Then I decided to move here. My opinion has changed quite significantly.

Worst city in the world, everything is a rush, it’s clammy, it stinks of piss everywhere, knife crime there is just as normal as getting a cuppa in the morning. “Yeah, some people broke into the house next door, had a gang fight in the street and set fire to a police car. But it was only kids.”

Everything is expensive as hell. You go to Harrods and you have to pay 12 quid for a carrier bag. The London Eye is rusty. That moment when you are planning your weekend to London and you realise that the London Eye is like £30 and it is like a London sized version of the Brighton Wheel.

London pubs can’t pull a pint to save their lives.

London is like an airport for the rest of the UK: everything’s twice as expensive, you’re in a rush and you’re only there so you can eventually leave to go somewhere nicer.

Come and see our homeless rough sleepers with their cheerful cockney grins and pop down to the financial area to see a wonderful collection of the worlds most expensive cars or pop to parliament to see the amazing comedy show from the cabinet - if you fall ill we have a health plan (being sold off to the highest bidder) you can use.

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