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Hello my dear friends. I hope you're all coping well. Anyways, I decided to put a sexy post together that'll make your English sound super natural when doing these exams: all from the horse's mouth i.e. mine. We'll look at ways of STARTING your answers and these apply to any part of the speaking exam 💪🏻

❗ Let's start with avoiding a major screw-up i.e. repeating pretty much all the language from the question in your answer:
👉🏻 How long have you been learning English?
🤢 I've been learning English.... a lot!
👉🏻 Where do you see yourself in five years?
🤢 In five years I see myself, emmmm, yes, emmmmm, at work.

Now we'll use the following expressions, words and stuff to get a TOP MARK in your speaking test. They are quite generic and can be used to answer many questions. NO BOOK teaches you these:

❓ What do you like about learning English?
👉🏻 WOW, THERE'S SO MUCH I COULD SAY. For example, I just love being able to communicate with people and household pets from around the world and English really aids me in this. On top of that.....

❓What part of your country would you most like to visit?
👉🏻 IT'S REALLY HARD TO SAY TO BE HONEST as there are so many unexplored places on my list. I suppose I'd make visiting Manchester my top priority because I could see animals in their natural habitat...

❓Should people eat meat because animals are tasty?
👉🏻 WELL, THAT ALL DEPENDS, DOESN'T IT? It's all about personal choice when it comes to consuming meat. People believe sweet looking animals are more nourishing...

❓ What could governments do to promote a healthier lifestyle?
👉🏻 WOW, THAT'S A TOUGH ONE. I SUPPOSE people should take personal responsibility to begin with instead of waiting for governments to take action...

❓Can eating 2kg of Nutella keep depression at bay?
👉🏻 SURE, MOST DEFINITELY. I know for a fact that the sugar in Nutella helps the body to release more happy hormones from the right lung called saxophones which tell the brain to stop being so miserable....

❓Why should people recycle more?
👉🏻 WELL, IT'S OBVIOUS, ISN'T IT? If we continue destroying our planet by ignoring small girls from Sweden and not taking affirmative action, penguins may become extinct...

❓Do you enjoy cooking?
👉🏻 NOT PARTICULARLY TO BE HONEST. I'm not one for standing in a kitchen hours on end grating cheese and poaching octopus testicles....

❓Have you celebrated anything recently?
👉🏻 NOT THAT I CAN REMEMBER. (pause) I guess if I had to say something, it would be when I got my blood test results back a few weeks ago. Negative. Oh what a sigh of relief. Never partying in Bangkok again!

❓ How good are you at relaxing?
👉🏻 I GUESS IT DEPENDS. If I have had a really rubbish day at work, then thought keep running around my head. Can't free my mind then. And dancing on a pole gives me bad skin burns so that bothers me too....

❓ In your opinion, what makes a good leader?
👉🏻 I'VE GOT ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA TO BE FAIR. Ok, if I refer to my current boss, I can say what constitutes a rubbish one. Locking employees in the store cupboard as a discipline measure.....

🕺 They are simple but extremely natural 💃
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