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Street slang is constantly developing

Words that were common five years ago like "buff" (good-looking) are now considered old-fashioned, replaced by latest terms. 

Slang is often short-lived. New slang expressions are entering the language all the time. Many disappear quite quickly, though others are remarkably enduring. 
Slang often expresses membership of a social group. Teenagers are strongly associated with the use of slang. It emphasised separation from the world of adults. 

Just thought I'd write something to help you guys to understand some British slang. It's hard to explain some expressions because a lot of it depends on context and situation. 

SAFE - When describing something/someone that is great, awesome, cool, or agreeing with something. Also as a greeting or goodbye. 
Are you coming over tonight? 
Yeah, safe. 
BLESS - Term of agreement/similar to safe/something good. 

SOUND - pretty good ,awesome, can refer to a person or something that is good. 
Do you see that girl at the bar? 
Yeah, she is pretty sound. 
How are you doing? 
I'm sound. 


PENG - a girl that is attractive and sexy, peng also can refer to something that is very cool and awesome. 
Look at that gash. 
She is a peng mate. 
These shoes are peng. 
The movie was peng. 

PAIGON– a snake /generally not a nice person. 

This is a new term in British English - mostly related to people around you that can't be trusted with personal information because of their history of spilling secrets to others. 

You told my dad that I took his car for a drive, you're a freaking paigon. 
BEEF -a hostile conflict that may result in violence. 
I'll bring arms house to your house - I'll bring the beef to your house 

On my ones - basically on my own 
SHOOK – Scared 
You really shooked me by doing shit like that. 
Skeng/Leng/Strap/Mash/Stick - Gun 
BATTY - Originally someone who is gay, but now used more as an insult (Battyman) 
BAITING OUT – Another word for 'VIOLATION'. 
It's quite a new term, but it's very popular in the UK among young people. The definition of BAITING (someone) OUT is where you expose them for whatever reason. 
'VIOLATION' is a breach of someone's privacy, such as sharing online privacy context or just being abusive towards someone. The old way of bullying but on a new online level which obviously has a bigger audience and a more devastating impact. Usually, that sort of material eventually removed by YouTube, Facebook and another social media sites. 

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