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They are not “Great value for money”.
It’s wildly reported the Monarchy cost just 69p per person. However, this is grossly incorrect. The figure is made by taking the ( apparent) cost of the Monarchy then dividing that by 65 million (the population of the UK) in order to make it sound cheap. (though everything sounds cheap when divided by 65 million)

However. Not everyone pays taxes and two the cost of the Monarchy they quote is much too low. It fails to take into account costs such as 24/7 security, travel, and the list of tax revenue. The real cost of the Monarchy is estimated to be closer to £35 million a year meaning it costs the tax player £11 a second and is 100 times more expensive than the Irish presidency- despite playing a near-identical role. Also, again contrary to popular belief, we do not get this money back through tourism because...

The Monarchy is not good for tourism.
Despite being the most common justification for the Monarchy, there is no truth in this claim. Research shows the main reason for visiting Britain is the World- class museums, landmarks and scenery, history, shopping experience and culture- not because we have a Royal family. People visit the likes of Buckingham Palace to see the building and the changing of the guards- none of them to meet the Queen. Even on the days when the Queen is not there (two-thirds of the year) tourists still flock to Buckingham Palace gates.

And it’s not the fact the connection to the Royals which attracts them either: the Louvre in Paris has no Royal residents yet attracts 15 times more tourists than Buckingham Palace.

It goes without saying that tourism would increase if Buckingham Palace was properly open to the public. On top of this, big events such as the Royal wedding (which undeniably do increase tourism) have overall a negative effect.

The Monarchy is not “Just for decoration”.
It’s commonly claimed that these days the Royals have no influence and no political power and “ just for decoration”

The opposite is true. The Royals have the power to sack democratically- elected government, claim any piece of land they want to, and to veto the works of parliament.

The common defence of this is a claim they don’t use their powers (the same power they previously claimed they don’t have) but this too is not true. In 1999 the military action against Iraq bill (which would have seen the power to deploy the armed forces transferred from Monarchy to Parliament) was full- out vetoed by the Queen. On top of that Prince Charles has used his power as a Prince to lobby successive government and influence policy through letters, memos, meetings known as the ‘Black Spider Memos’

Also, far from, being ‘just for decoration’ the Monarchy does have as a concept (quite useful) role in the running of the nation: to act as the apolitical (neutral) overseer of Parliament (Hence why the Queen and Prime Minister meet up each week).

However, small tangent here it’s not the role they do well from the birth the Royals shielded from the most of the reality of real life: they have never had to fight for a job, struggled to pay rent, wondered where their next meal coming from, or had to work for a living, they have servants to cover their every need (including putting toothpaste on their brushes, running baths, opening doors etc).

How can we expect them to represent our interests when they have never experienced and don’t understand how we live?

The Monarchy is not “What makes us British”.
Another common defence for the Monarchy is to claim they are “what makes us unique”, “our entire culture” or simply “what makes us British”. But Britain as much as a nation of Chartist, Suffragettes and trade- unions as we are Kings, Queens and Earls (and we owe a lot more to the former) and if that were true that it’s the Monarchy that makes us British, it’d mean the Dutch, Swedish, Spanish and Norwegians could also be classified as British. But we not the same as them because we have a different culture- a culture that’s so much more than one family.

British culture is constantly complaining about the weather.

British culture is chasing cheese down unreasonable steep hills.

British culture is the music (Queen, The Beatles, Bowie) the literature (Harry Potter, Bond, Sherlock Holmes, Shakespeare, Dickens). The films.

British culture is having a BBQ every time it’s remotely sunny, stripping off and jumping in the North Sea (even though it’s still freezing).

British culture is the great and unique sense of humour and comedy shows.

British culture is fish and chips and gravy, Roast dinners pastries and pubs.

That is British Culture- it has little to do with the fact we’re ruled by a historically German family of Aristocrats.

I am ashamed by the Monarchy who sit by and turn a blind eye to this country's austerity, poverty, food banks and not enough money to go around while they ask for more revenue their way. I have nothing against them but they should stop taking when they have all the wealth, assets and royalty around the world.

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