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Very British Problems 2

•British people do not use umbrellas, even though it rains every day.

•Everyone says sorry for everything; it's often best to start any request with "sorry . . ."

•If you look confused and/or scared when crossing the street, drivers will often speed up instead of the opposite.

•There are no plugs in the bathrooms-unclear how British women blow-dry their hair (this is a possible explanation for why some have bad hair).

•Crisps mean potato chips and we have bizarre flavours like Bolognese and roast chicken (yes, roast chicken is an actual potato chip flavour here).

•British people do not say "cheers" and tap glasses when drinking with friends. It's apparently embarrassing and "American" to do so. We do, however, say "cheers" many times a day, but it means "thank you and goodbye."

•If you have a "cider black" (aka a snakebite) at a pub you might think you got spiked, but you didn't.

•Don't try to order any fancy drinks at a pub, just play it cool, order "a pint" and drink whatever is in there.

•British people love talking about the weather. This is not a stereotype; it's a fact.

•A shopping bag is not automatically included in your purchase at a store; if you miss the question "would you like a bag?" you will have to awkwardly carry your items out in your hands and act like you planned that.

•James Corden and Jeremy Corbyn are two different people.

•The coins are not sized by worth; the 2p is inexplicably huge while 2p is very small 
(in value). Best to hold out your change in your hand when paying and pretend you don't speak English.

•If you live near Fulham Road it does not necessarily mean you live near Fulham.

•Bank Holidays happen several times a year, but no one actually knows what the holiday is in celebration of. Incidentally, if you say "Happy Bank Holiday" to an English person, they will not know how to respond; it is not the equivalent of "Happy Fourth of July!"

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