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What is the correct name for this product?

It's often said that the English language is one of the hardest in the world to learn. And are you surprised considering we have about 15 different words for one simple thing? Absolutely not.

It seems that depending on where in the country you are from, people there have a different term for certain everyday products. 

We've seen 'freezie', 'ice block' and 'ice pole' 'tip pops' Australian 'Zooper Dooper' 'ice drop' 'ice candy' 'ice bar' tip tops' and it's ludicrous.
And it seemed to really get pulses racing - sort of like the muffin, barmcake, cob, bap, roll argument always seems to do.

Ice pop. There we go. Ignore anyone who thinks otherwise. I'm only joking, I don't really give a shit - call them what you want as long as I understand what you mean.  

In terms of ice pops though, they can only really be called 'ice pops', can't they?
Makes perfect sense, it's a frozen refreshment but we're still not comfortable with it - you know why because it's an ice pop. 

Another fan of the debate said: "Random Northwest American here! Everyone I knew growing up calls these 'Otter pops'. Pretty sure it's another brand name thing but they're forever otter pops to me."
This one we're not cool with.
They're ice pops.

Let the debate commence - what do you call them? If it's anything other than 'ice pop' I won't agree, by the way.
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