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What it's like to be British: 

Sense of humour.

From witty remarks to utter self-deprecation, there’s nothing quite like it. This ability to laugh is pretty critical to daily life in Britain. We aren't afraid to laugh at ourselves. 

We enjoy banter and mick-taking. Our ironic nature makes us think clearly. 
When the magician David Blaine performed sitting inside a glass box above the river Thames, American people stood in wonder and cheered him. British people pointed, laughed and cracked a couple jokes. “What did he do wrong?” “He only popped out for a pint" 

You definitely have to learn to think British to understand British English, without a doubt. 

Parliamentary debates are such as PMQs and Question Time is quality enterainment. 
Whilst Brits are a hugely diverse group of people, I feel like, in general, we swing between direct and apologetic; we say our viewpoints on the significant matters, but on the smaller ones, we’re more likely to tiptoe around things to try and avoid bothering anyone. 

British politeness. 

Leading on from this, are British people actually polite? 

The short answer: Superbly. 
Once in Spain, an Italian tourist and I bumped into each other and he didn't apologise, even after I said ‘sorry’ twice. I was pretty shaken, I needed a cup of tea to calm myself down. 

The other day, in the supermarket, there was a woman on the automatic checkout till next to mine. When you are done with your shopping, a recorded voice says ‘Thank you.’ The woman replied ‘You’re welcome’ as she lifted up her bags and began to walk away. 

When asking for directions in London some nice English lady who was waiting for her bus took me to the bus stop on the other side of the road and explained which bus I should take and how many stops I should stay on before getting off. 

I’m not going to say that every British person is remarkably polite, you still get people who are absolute arseholes for no reason at all. Most of this occurs when you start driving. 

You will never see someone get so vexed or irritated about another driver not putting their hand up or flashing their lights to say thank you or replying thanks when you hold open a door for someone than in England. 


This needs no representation. 
What you need to know is that the business of queuing is a life or death matter. 
It was reported in Jan 2009 that one reason why more Brits died in the Titanic tragedy was that the Brits queued for the lifeboats, whereas the others were not so process-enthusiastic. 

Please note that the above is just my opinion. I can’t speak for all Brits, certainly, come and visit and I’m sure you’ll find much more. 

Thank you for reading.

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