What Goes Together

What Goes Together

Things That Go Together

Learning to match objects that go together (such as a bowl and spoon) is an important skill to master. It helps students to learn how to classify items and identify relationships between them.Matching items helps a student to think critically and to practice problem solving skills. It is also an opportunity to practice visual discrimination, which is the ability to discern the similarities and differences between objects. Visual discrimination is a critical skill for many areas of learning, including reading.

Sorting is one of the first skills that our kids can master. It may seem like an easy skill, but sorting is so much more.Sorting is the ability to identify similarities and differences among a set of objects and grouping them accordingly.When your child is engaging in these types activities, they are building fundamental skills that will benefit your child when it comes to schooling and learning in the classroom.

Cognitive development means how children think, explore and figure things out. It is the development of knowledge, skills, problem solving and dispositions which they gain through the interaction of genetic and learned factors.

In this resource, children learn to match pairs of associated elements. They learn to make a logical connection between items through fun and engaging activities.

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Why learn to pair things that go together?

Learning to match sets of objects that go together is an important skill to master for young children and children with Autism and other learning disabilities :it helps them learn how to classify items and identify relationships between them. It also helps them learn to organize information, store it, then recall it when NEEDED. It helps children practice visual discrimination which is the ability to tell similarities and differences between objects. It helps children think critically and practice problem-solving skillsit sets the foundation for early geometry and early literacy learning.

How to teach your child to match association pairs of items that go together?

We put together two activities in order to teach your child to match associated objects: 1. Matching flashcards for Things that go togetherThese flashcards were designed in 40 pairs (toothpaste with toothbrush, baby with diaper, etc.) and a total of 80 different flashcards of items that can be associated together.

It’s more challenging to do this. Your child is analyzing the pictures that go together. She uses her memory and knowledge of the world around her to figure out which pictures go together. Your child will most likely ask, “Why” while talking about the things that go together. A go-together activity is excellent for cognitive development and language development.

Samples From the Activities

Have your students working on what goes together with these fun, engaging activity. These activities are great way to make them learn the concept of matching items together. It would be perfect for Pre-K, Kindergarten students during the circle time, small group activities.

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