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Reading fluency is often confused with reading comprehension. While reading comprehension is the end goal, reading fluency is just as important. Until a child can accurately and rapidly read aloud, without difficulty, they won’t be able to achieve reading comprehension. Achieving reading fluency is an important step toward achieving reading comprehension.

There are three components of reading fluency: rate, accuracy and prosody (how a reader uses timing, phrasing, emphasis, and intonation to communicate meaning). As you listen to your child read, take note of how your child is performing in each of these areas. What is he doing well? What is he struggling with? Focus on the components of fluency where you child needs the most help.

When your aim is fluency, it’s important to make sure your child is reading a text at his level. If a text is too hard for a child, he will spend too much time trying to figure out words, do whole-word guessing, or get stuck sounding out difficult words. Typically, if a child misreads more than one of every 20 words, they will focus more on word recognition than they will on fluency.
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 Our reading Comprehension Worksheets help students to master reading and writing skills. There are also questions to measure pupils’ understanding and help teachers evaluate their pupils easily. 

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